The construction is located in downtown Manhattan on The High Line, a decommissioned railway that was repurposed into a green public park and recreational space. 

The proposed project is a pavilion-like gallery and workshop for the creation and appreciation of urban art. As an extension of The High Line, the construction is accessible to private and public users. There is an existing mural of Alfred Eisenstaedt’s Sailor’s Kiss rendered by Eduardo Kobra that serves as the focal point of the space.


The gallery is composed of four principal areas: a crystal show room, a deck, a street entrance at the base, and an administrative workspace. The deck joins the gallery and The High Line at the most tumultuous section of the road, so it decongests the pathway and empties into a spacious deck.  

The design targets the functional issues of The High Line and alleviates them while creating a nuanced space for artistic expression and exposition. The space is an unclouded repository for art that lends pedestrians unique vantages of New York City.