Multifamily Building II

Location: Upscale neighborhood Manizales, Colombia

Located in a residential area the building feeds into Manizales’ main street, La Avenida Santander. The location is coveted for its accessibility, its view of the mountain system, and its seclusion. The topography of the area is conducive to the construction of havens miles above the city. 

There was a preexisting one-floor residential construction on the land. The home had an iconic palm tree that emerged from it, which is visible from nearly any point in the city below.  The objective was to unobtrusively localize the construction to retain the palm’s prominence on the landscape.



A golden ratio was ideated with two trees adjacent the palm to determine visual purity. The construction is svelte and high to promote coherence with the wooded and mountainous surroundings. Apartments generate openness vertically and horizontally making use of the scenic vista.